Tribeca Pediatrics: Dose It!

  1. The Splash/Home page
  2. Disclosure/user agreement
  3. Choose your child’s age (between 2 months and 11 years) and gender (boy or girl)
  4. Choose the child’s weight or size (between 6 lbs and 95 lbs)
    Available weight options are limited to a different range for each age.
  5.  Choose the medication (14 options, screens user can swipe through, and select one).
    Each medication has a corresponding JPEG in DOSAGE > MEDS folder.
  6. Confirmation of selection made with 2 choices
    “Cancel” sends user back to screen 5
    “Dose it” send user to screen 7
  7.  Show recommended dosage, based on selections made in screens 3 to 6.
    Each result has a corresponding JPEG in DOSAGE > RESULTS folder.
    Calculations are in Kilograms (kg) – input & output are in Pounds (lb).