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Abdolreza Houshang Mahdavi was born in 1930 in Tehran, Iran.
After attending Tehran University where he studied law, he obtained a Ph.D in International Law at the prestigious Sorbonne University in Paris, France, in 1954.
He joined the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1958 and was a career diplomat for the following 22 years. His assignments included Germany, France, Italy, Egypt and Great Britain.
In 1980, Mr. Mahdavi retired from his diplomatic career and he currently teaches International Relations at Imam Sadegh University in Tehran, Iran.

Mr. Mahdavi's first book appeared in 1971: "Foreign Relations of Iran Volume I: 1500-1945".
Other publications include:

  • "Foreign Relations of Iran Volume II: 1945- 1979" (1988)
  • "Foreign Policy of Iran under the Pahlavis" (1992)
  • " A Guide to Diplomatic Correspondance" (1977)
  • "Days of Glory: the unsuccessful British Expedition to Iran in 1951" (1996)
In addition to these books, he has translated over 30 political and historical books from English and French into Persian.
Mr. Mahdavi currently shares his time between Tehran, Iran, and southern Vermont, USA.

P.O.Box 242
Newfane, VT 05345